Kate (forvrkate) wrote in writersblog,

Will there be a writersblog next year? During the fall, we met regularly, but since then, it seems interest has died out. Since I'll be leaving, someone will have to take over the Presidential duties--which consist of going to a stupid SOLO meeting at the beginning of each quarter and putting your email address down as the club contact.

Are y'all interested in keeping it going next year? I'm sure there will be fresh meat to recruit. I believe the Transfer Orientation day is this Saturday and I got an email from SOLO asking if we wanted to have an information table on library walk. Since I'm going to Magic Mountain, I won't be able to [wo]man it.

Is anyone interested in having a big group meeting one last time? We all went to see Harry Potter II together. It would be fun to go see Harry Potter III together in a couple of weeks.

So, in conclusion, don't let this club die, it's my baby, nurture it and love it and feed it and let it grow into something beautiful. Or just let it die, whichever.
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